Renovation of doors, staircases and kitchen units

For such renovations we make use of the WELLE system. Mobest is one of the first licensees in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. The WELLE system is intended particularly for cases in which renovation or a new design is required while the original building structures are maintained.

Advantages of renovations

Renovations bring many advantages comparing to purchasing of new furniture:

  • traditional and custom-type designs
  • shock-absorbing and scuff-resistant finish
  • 25 colours of surface film imitating wood
  • multi-coloured furnishing versions
  • decorative elements:
    • frames
    • window-panes
    • various glass types
  • matching finish of door wings and casings
  • short delivery terms
  • large selection of locks, handles, and other metal items
  • minimum intrusion into privacy

Reference buildings

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