Company Profile

Implementation of constructions

Mobest was established in 1992 as a company focusing on the implementation of constructions. We are specialist on dry constructions - plasterboard systems, but also on construction of entire building complexes. Our activities cover interior design and realization based on clients’ requirements including atypical, small-lot, interior and large building projects. Our goal is to provide high quality services focusing on clients’ satisfaction and building up strong touch and loyalty with them. We provide services in following areas:

Working centres

At present, company activities are concentrated in two working centers:

Company history

Building company MOBEST was established in 1992 and focuses on building services, realization of lofts, reconstructions as well as constructions of new buildings. During the past years MOBEST was involved in building projects for health care, schools and cultural amenities. The company has also extended its services to business activities related to the company’s main focus. Before 1992 the current executives of the company worked in an association of building professionals MOBEST. During this time the first projects were realized. We established cooperation with companies such as OWAcoustic, AMF Thermatex, KNAUF, Rigips and Lafarge. By progressive training of our staff, which is nowadays able to handle the most difficult spatial construction, the company prides itself with high quality of work and with broad field of activities.

Since 2006, we focus on construction of entire building complexes.

Innovation and certification

During the past years we have obtained certifications for various construction systems belonging to the top of worldwide technologies. Currently we are one of the most successful implementation companies in this sector on the Czech market. In 2000 we have also launched renovation services of door wings and staircases using the patented technology of Welle company. This technology includes joiner’s treatment of the existing door wings (e.g. additional glassing according to client’s wish) followed by surface working using the thermoplastics in various designs. From 2004 MOBEST is certified according to ISO 9001:2001 and is a member of the Guild of plaster boarders.

Customer care

Our aim is to provide high-quality services with the focus on client satisfaction and to build a strong base of contented and regular customers. We consider co-operation with the customer crucial and always act frankly and openly. We provide confidentiality to our client's needs and abide by the traditional motto: "The customer is always right".

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